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Test and Balance Corporation (TABC) is an Independent Testing Engineering Firm with absolutely no affiliation with manufacturers, factory representatives, vendors/providers, contractors or installers of HVAC-related equipment and systems.

Our staff of AABC Certified Test and Balance Engineers, AABC Certified Technicians, Registered Professional Engineers, ACG Commissioning Authorities (CxA), LEED Accredited Professionals, Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Energy Management Professionals (EMP), and Controls Specialists have extensive experience in the fields of both new and existing HVAC engineering, HVAC system testing and balancing, functionality testing, energy analysis and overall building performance evaluation. Continue to Services

Examples of Service

HVAC Test and Balance

All HVAC air and water systems are tested and balanced per the design documents and in accordance with the AABC guidelines.

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Energy Analysis

TABC looks at systems and subsystems that could potentially effect your energy consumption.

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Complete Design Review

Provides an independent review (performed by in-house Registered Professional Engineers) to assist in making sure that the necessary components are included within the design so that your project is capable of being properly tested and balanced.

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